Brand Concepts pt.1

First of all, apologies for the extremely late post. It was written and als, don’t know why I didn’t post is.

Awe so after coming up with some potential features for the app, I realized that I had to take a step back and focus on the main concept. Once I have a concept, coming up with features and the benefits they will provide, will be easy to come up with.

The beloved brands website states that there are steps to follow in order to present your concepts in a coherent manner.

  • Target Market (1)
  • Definition of the market you play in (2)
  • Brand Promise (emotional or rational benefit) (3)
  • The Reason to Believe (RTB) the brand promise (4)

Here follows the concepts I have singled out:

Living local

  1. The target market as defined by the brief is up and coming business men and woman, between the ages of 25-35. These millennials will be fresh out of college and working their first or second job. They are travelling for work and require a hotel that will make their cater for their needs, and ensure them a memorable experience.
  2. Millennials are changing the face of business travelling, their needs differ from previous generations’. The market I will be working in is the hospitality industry, a well established industry that now all of a sudden has to change the way they communicate with their new target audience – The young travelling businessman.
  3. Because millennials are able to “virtually” travel the globe from behind their screens, they are not interested in travelling to your typical tourist attraction. Instead what we offer is an authentic local experience. This will attract young people that are interested in experiencing what the city really has to offer them, give them the opportunity to learn from different cultures and see the world in an authentic light.
  4. By living like a local, the user will be able to: Cut down on costs, receive a local perspective, see things that are not in tour guides, have a memorable experience, meet people from all around the world. Also this gives the hotel an opportunity to support small local businesses.

Travel for travels’ sake

  1. Millennial travelling business men and woman.
  2. Youngsters that have a sense of adventure and have the desire to travel the world and experience different places.
  3. The whole purpose of travelling is discovering a new world beyond your frame of reference. This app will take into consideration the schedule that the user sets up and encourage them to discover as much as possible in their free time. By giving incentives to the user when they successfully discover things, the app will ensure that you make the most of your travelling time.
  4. Users will willingly participate in an almost ‘treasure hunt’ if it ensures them a fun and adventurous experience. You will learn a lot about your destination and be rewarded for it, these rewards could range from a free glass of wine at the hotel bar to a exclusive VIP experience at a local destination.

‘Invisible’ travel guide

  1. Millennial travelling business men and woman that are most likely travelling alone.
  2. Millennials travelling to new destinations that they might not now too much about.
  3. Successful travelling means that you have made the best of the time that you had available and saw things that you are interested in. This app will take into consideration your personal preferences and the time you have on your hands, and from that knowledge be able to take you on a personalized tour through the city. The app will not require you to sit an plan for a couple of hours, instead when you have time on your hands you can notify the app that you want to explore. Based on your personal preferences the app will notify you of things in your vicinity.
  4. The app will have everything you might need in a travelling app with the added bonus of having good manners. By not spamming the user and not demanding a lot of time from them, the app will make for an unobtrusive travelling companion. The guidance will offer the user the knowledge they need to effectively travel and learn from the city.

Efficiency is key

  1. Millennials travelling for work, who would like to get the most from their trip.
  2. Business travel in itself puts business first, and for good reason – you are there for work. That does not mean that you cannot efficiently make the most of your time. Travelling is possible on a tight schedule, if major speed bumps are avoided.
  3. An app that allows you to make all major and most minor bookings and decision before hand. If you are able to lie in bed, or sit on the train and plan the next 48h of your trip in advance – this includes reservations, payments – this will allow you to skip major queues and processes because of the app.
  4. Making use of tech to plan ahead. A flexible app that takes works around your schedule. If you reach an inconvenience in your trip, the app can cancel previous reservations and help you work around your problem.

These concepts are kinda just ideas, im busy writing some others now, they will follow the steps we did in class.



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