The main ingredients of an excellent concept:

1)  Problems

  • Connecting with younger target audience.
  • Brand is associated with the older generations, does not appeal to the younger.
  • The brand is not reaching the desired TM.
  • Current brand image is old/stale.
  • Voice does not speak to younger generation
  • Force a reappraisal to the audience that doesn’t consider Crown Plaza.

Challenges (as defined in class)

  • Visibility
  • UX – fast and accessible (booking – arrival)
  • Repositioning- look and feel, approachability, brand image, comms.
  • Business with Pleasure

2) Insights

wouldn’t it be nice if… I’d like a room with… I get excited when…

comes from:

  1. Clients
  2. Consumer

Examples of insight from millennials:

  • Enjoy Unique / authentic experience
  • crave lived experiences
  • love stories to tell
  • Are willing to travel for food
  • love customization
  • Impulsive decision makers
  • Love geeky references
  • Waffles in the monin’
  • Daybeds in the sun
  • Hate jet-lag
  • Big beanbags!
  • Cake for breakfast
  • FOMO

3) USP

4) Benefits

5) Litres and litres of creative words

So i think i’m going to split these into separate posts, following the evolution of certain insights – their usp’s – features and benefits – finally word them into concept proposals.



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