Fancy a Screw?

Insight: Being screwed the night before a presentation is normal. Be it, being screwed because you got lucky or unlucky.

USP: No matter the reason for you being screwed, the hotel is there to make your Long, slow screw a comfortable one.

Benefits: The hotel offer late night assistance with general needs, so that you are able to work into the late hours. Rooms are well equip to have you working in them. Work rooms are set up 24/7 so that you can work whenever you want/have to, with the hotel staff always present when you need them. Also allows for idea sharing.

Concept Presentation:

Crown Plaza strives to make any experience a comfortable one, they understand that young business travelers often find themselves being screwed the night before a big presentation.

Offering round the clock service, comfortable rooms, work station throughout the hotel and the readiness that is expected from a world class hotel, they ensure that your long, slow screw is a comfortable one.

Being screwed isn’t that bad when the bed is comfortable right?


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