Advertisement (digital and physical) 

  • Digital banners
    • Makes use of DoubleClick Cookies to gather relevant info regarding users clicking habits. This will ensure that the ad reaches the right TA. Based on searches: Travelling, certain cities, SM searches, Superbalist (younger generation online shopping)
    • Behavioural data to predict what users search for, and place relevant banner
    • Travel sites
    • Research of cities
    • Travel gear
  • Social media
    • Travelling sites/ pages
    • Instagram travelling profiles
  • In-flight travel magazines & headrests on planes (budget planes)
    • This will ensure that if not for this trip, at least next time you will consider Crowne Plaza.
  • Billboards placed around popular millennial hangouts.
  • Travel mags


Instagram page

  • Sleek design/themed
    • Ensure continuity across platforms
    • Act as a great platform to showcase user experiences, quality of rooms and offerings of the city
  • Promotions can be easily shared to desired TM



  • UI
    • Sleek/simplified design
    • Intuitive – makes use of universal gestures and features such as maps and social sharing
    • Visually stimulating
    • Only reveals relevant parts of the app – using nfc & location info
  • UX
    • Streamline experience – minimal hassle
      • Check-in and out
      • Easy reservations and bookings
      • Room service & housekeeping
      • Travel guide & taxi service
    • Uses data mining to gather user preferences
      • meals
      • interests in events
      • sleep patterns
      • streaming preferences
      • music choices

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