This thing is awesome!

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is technology that Amazon has been developing, and it’s great! Amazon has a range of products that include AVS, their poster child being the Amazon Echo. This is a bluetooth speaker that has been dropped into a vat of mega juice.. It does what a speaker does, just better, boasting it’s 360º omni-directional audio capabilities which apparently “Fills the room with immersive audio.”  But what makes it stand out is the AVS technology built in.

Alexa allows you to ask her just about anything and she’ll answer to her best capabilities. Ordering food, playing music, finding restaurants… the list goes on.

Amazon is keen on people developing with their AVS software, so I thought how cool it could be if Crowne Plaza incorporates this tech into their hotel rooms. It will make the whole experience so streamline and comfortable, allowing the guests to have all of this info and services in their room with them at all times.

There is a device called the Amazon Echo Dot, which is the same as the Echo, just without the speaker. It acts as a control hub for your smart room; connecting to your television, lights, speakers, fridge, etc…

I still think the Hotel will have to develop their own device like this, so that all of the orders and info goes through the hotel minimizing the use of third party services. They will have to have some kind of control over what goes in and out of their doors.


I also found this:11 Amazing Things Found in the Hotel Room of the Future: RFID night lights

RFID stickers that can control certain elements in your room.

This specific one is placed under the carpet, and when it detects weight, it turns on the bathroom lights. So that when you wake up in the middle of the night, you don’t have to fumble around looking for a light switch.

This tech could be incorporated with Alexa so that she can detect where you are in the room, and adjust accordingly. “I see you’re leaving, do you have everything you need? Remember an umbrella, looks like rain today.”  “Should I turn on the balcony lights?”.

These stickers could even be used to sense whether your bin and laundry bags are full, notifying room service automatically.


It occurred to me that relying on this kind of tech, kind of makes the idea of an app useless. Why would users use an app if they could just ask Alexa for anything?



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