Visibility – Digital banner

Here I will unpack the activation campaign, focusing on the visibility of the brand. I will decide on the different platforms that will be used for online and offline visibility.

Through all of the different platforms it is important to let the overall concept of the campaign shine through, this being  a stripped down approach to making your life as a traveler as easy and comfortable as possible.


Digital advertisement is a very effective way of reaching the desired TM. Millennials use the internet for various different reasons on a daily basis. Putting myself in the shoes of a young, business traveler about to go on a trip, I will base my area of focus on certain sites/searches. Using cookie data gathered from previous web searches, my advertisements will hone in on millennials who are looking at popular travel sites, researching certain cities (the ones where Crowne Plaza are), looking at hotels to check into, etc..

A cleverly placed digital banner is all it takes to divert the attention from one site to ours. This being said, people generally ignore them as they can be annoying. This is why I want to create one that is fun to interact with, and at the same time showcase the new experience the hotel offers.

Alexa digital banner

I was thinking that if I’m going to use Alexa within the hotel, I might as well use her to get people there. Imagine a banner ad that allows you to speak to it, and ask questions about your possible stay at the hotel. The ad will introduce you to the technology, then show you examples of things you can ask her, after a while the ad will allow you to click on it and seamlessly go to Crowne Plaza’s website to further investigate and eventually confirm your booking. I believe that this will attract the right people, and leave them with a very cool experience even before they book their trip.

I found a cool example of another students work where they did something similar:

HER voice activated ad

Tone of voice is going to be important right through the campaign; we are after all speaking to a younger audience. I found this example of Spotify’s  digital banners, which I thought communicates to their TM quite well:

tone of voice.JPG

I won’t be speaking with the same amount of slang as they do, but I feel it’s important for the banner/ad to show that CP is speaking directly to the youth.

Avoid awkwardness

This is something I could go into, seeing as the implication of AVS (Alexa Voice Services) means that you do not have to communicate with a real person. What is one thing all people are good at? Creating awkward situations, and not wanting to deal with them.

The banner ad will ask a uncomfortable question that  would typically be asked by a hotel staff member, with the idea that it would be much easier to ask a virtual assistant.

What’s that smell sir?

Is that arm sticking out of the laundry basket?

Don’t worry, this happens all the time…

Something along the lines of (of course the logo is missing):



The idea of avoiding the awkwardness could follow through into Instagram.

Photos of the hotel rooms with these captions on could serve as a sneaky way of showcasing the rooms, while at the same time showing potential customers the freedom they will have at the hotel.

Here’s a quick scamp… (excuse the illustrator photo editing…)




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