Closing in

Getting my designs done. Still have a lot ahead of me, but I’ll get there.

Final logo:


As Alexa introduces you to the app, text will appear as she speaks. At first, It was going to be just the main points:


Then she got a new name:


She will be represented by a circular icon, much like that of Hal 9000. This will be on the screen most of the time, as this is the main input device. Users can speak to her naturally, and she help them to her best abilities.

Here are the icon experiments:




Wes, you showed me the wavescape idea, and I will incorporate that in a bit later.


Alright. So lets get to the meat and gravy.

Splash screen, this will appear every time you open the app:


The first time you use the app, you will have to confirm your profile details. It is at this point that Amber introduces herself, this will be a once-off thing. You can edit your profile later on if you wish to, but there will be no profile icon on your tab bar (or at least that’s the idea):





(note there are still icons missing, they will be filled in later)

That’s all for now, I’ll make another post with updates.




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