Crowne Plaza Final Hand in

Ok, so this is a back dated post. I’m not posting this to try and fool you, I just realized that I never had a final post with everything together. My previous posts had all my final designs and concept statement in, but I thought that a final post was necessary.

Concept Statement

The hotel industry has been catering for business travelers for years, however there is a new generation of millennial business travelers that have been left with their needs unattended. We here at Crowne Plaza realized that our hotel is not ideally suited for the younger generation, and decided to fix this.

From our research we found that millennials can spot a lie from a mile away, and if this will inconvenience them, they will steer clear of it completely. Therefore we decided not to try and trick our newly acquired target market into staying at our hotels, but rather go for a stripped down, honest approach where we offer the same world class service as before, except now the experience is made more streamlined and convenient as possible. Introducing Crowne Plaza’s new mobile app; AMBER.

With the help of intelligent voice activated software, Amber is able to assist you with almost anything you could possibly encounter on your next business venture. As soon as you touch down she will make suggestions and make use of any service provider you will need for your travels. Amber is there to order your taxi from the airport, quickly check you into the hotel from your mobile device and she helps you to organize your next couple of days in a foreign city. Understanding the importance of your time, she helps you to plan out your schedule, making enough time for you to see the city and what it has to offer while getting you to your next meeting on time. Amber allows you to see what is happening around you, easily make reservations and allows you to pay for anything through the app.

Amber does not only help you out on the go. Your room is also equipped with the same software, allowing you to order room service, notify housekeeping when you need them, and based on your music and movie preferences she makes streaming the easiest thing in the world.

Moreover. The new look and attitude of the Crowne Plaza will be introduced to the world by means of a interactive, digital banner campaign. By targeting social media platforms and popular travel websites, the banner will allow users to experience Amber for the first time.

Crowne Plaza, ask me anything.

Final Designs

Final Video



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