Concept statement.

Rock n Roll is an ever changing genre, it has proven itself to be very adaptable to the times it finds itself in. Finding it’s roots in classic rock, Stoner Rock or Desert Rock, is one of the more underground genre’s. It’s distortion driven sounds and simplified riffs are somewhat of an acquired taste. Instead of making it’s ways to the major airwaves, Stoner Rock has developed a strong, underground following which consists of passionate musicians and devoted fans.

Forte is a music channel that has one purpose and that is to ensure the growth of the scene. This is accomplished by taking viewers on a journey deep into the heart of the noise and opening their minds to the awesomeness that is Stoner Rock!

The identity of this channel is inspired by the grittiness and simplicity of the music it portrays. Rough edges, bold colours, distorted sounds and strange illustrations emphasize the surrealistic and textured values of the music and the scene that follows.

Forte is living proof of the power of Rock music, personifying the ability of music to completely engulf your life.


Icon reveal

Making some progress on the icon reveal.

I’m thinking that this kind of animation can be pretty cool for a  BUG.

I still want to make minor adjustments, and maybe adjust the scale of the clip. But overall I’m pretty stoked.

Have a look.


It’s alive!

I finally got some shit to move…

I’ve been stressing about how I’m going to animate my clips. Not knowing whether or not to go 3D or not; my trapcode doesn’t want to install, and all the tutorials I’ve been watching make use of it. Never mind, I’m pretty happy with how these came out:


I still want to explore using the quotes, but that comes next.



Sticking with the idea of how music influences the people that listens to it. I was thinking of telling a story of one guy that discovers music and slowly becomes engulfed by it, wrapped up in it.


“And at the center of the beast, was it’s still spinning heart. Heart of wonder, heart of stone.” – All Them Witches 

I really love this lyric, and it gave me an idea. It ties in to rock as a genre, because I feel that even though Rock was a colossus in it’s time, people don’t really listen to it like they used to. This ties in to the “beast” that lies dead on the ground. However, one cannot simply destroy the beast, and it’s “still spinning heart” represents the never ending awesomeness that is Rock music.

Photo 2017-03-12, 2 02 39 PM

So here comes the idea.

Grainy/spacey/surreal landscape with a mountain that might just look like the remains of a colossus in it. Amidst the monotonous grey landscape, in a cave, a man finds the only piece of color. A stone-like floating object. As he approaches it, it breaks apart and becomes a flowing cloth-like material that starts constricting him.

It keeps wrapping itself around him, either leaving a red scar/tattoo in it’s wake, or eventually completely surrounds him and swallows him/absorbs him.

Photo 2017-03-12, 9 23 43 PM

I think it could tell a cool story for the ident, showing how rock music is still around. Also for the bumpers and bugs, it could be cool to have the scarf as the main animating object. The flowing nature of it allows for quick and visually appealing movements, and then ultimately it transforms into the logo.

Rough scamps (I’m going to keep updating this post as I go along with the scamping process):











I edited the mountain, wasn’t too happy with the previous one.

The idea is that a boulder will break loose and fall to the ground, revealing the eye socket. I’ve also moved over to illustrator to simplify things, still need to do the ground surface.

I think this mountain looks more like a skull, which is what I’m going for.


Then I had an idea to make use of these quotes as transitions between different sketches. They will animate in and out making use of sketchlike cel animations. there are some rad tutorials, but i require Trapcode particular for them. Gonna see if i can download that now and get started on them.

The idea with the quotes is to add to the gritty attitude of rock music. By using these arbitrary one liners I almost want to tell a story. I was thinking that for the bumpers, I could use on or two quotes along with an image to convey a snippet of a story. They will be something along these lines (still need to decide whether or not I will make up my own lines, or use lyrics from songs.):

It came from the mountains, and tore through the sky like lightning.

Ten thousand souls in your right hand, Juggernaut child in a fragile land




Logo Design

The name I have decided to go for is Forte. In musical terms this marks a  passage that is to be preformed loudly. It also means “a thing at which someone excels”. I found this quite fitting for a music channel.

Here are my first scamps for the logo, very basic, but i like them.



I’m not sure whether or not to go with the Icon, or the type oriented logo. On the one hand the circular icon makes for a strong visual, and on the other, the type driven logo focuses on the name of the channel.

Here are some experiments with the circular one:

(this one is getting somewhere, but it reminds me too much of the Osiris logo.)


(with these I tried layering the logo over itself and playing with the shadow it creates, I do not think it was successful. The drop shadow is not recognizable enough.)



I will keep updating this post with further developments on the logo design.

Assignment 2


I find these idents quite appealing because of the graphic style they used. As far as I know they use liquid motion and cell animation to create the flowing/morphing effect. I particularly like the first Mtv and the X-games ones because of the use of outlines to define the shapes. I also like the particles that fall off of the main object as if they break loose and disintegrate.

Because I have not used Cinema 4d yet, I am not sure as to how easy it is to recreate this effect, or whether I am going to have to draw them out frame by frame – lets hope not.

Afro samurai is still one of my favorite animations, because it makes use of awesome animation techniques and a graphic style i want to draw reference to.



Bam! on the money.

A nice logo based bumper, quit simple animations here:

This one is also interesting, probably hand drawn frame by frame, each section would be used before the next song:



This one is a longer video, but I think it’s a combination of the different animations used as play offs during the festival:



Simulating Cell animation

heres a toolkit that seems to be helpfull:


Lower Third Super (lower third, super strap, strap, banner): A graphic that sits at the bottom third of the screen and includes information, most commonly someone’s name. The type on them can be a “slug” (ex. 5-alarm fire) or a “locator” (123 west elm st) or an “identifier”. (Joe Six-Pack from East Wherever)

Full Frame Super A graphic, usually text, that covers the entire frame.

Snipe  5-10 second lower third animations that play during the show promoting some other show or what’s coming up.

Interstitial (Clusterbuster): A short show (up to 5 minutes) that is broadcast in-between full length shows.

Promo (Promotion): A sequence that advertises an upcoming show.

Bumper (Next, Promo): A short sequence (5-10 seconds) that plays in-between shows, that advertises an upcoming show(s).

Play Off (Pingel, Bump in): A short sequence that plays before an advertising break.

Play On (Pingel, Bump out): A short sequence that plays after an advertising break.

Packshot (End Page, End Board): A graphic at the end of a promotion that includes the date and time of a show(s).

Ident (Station ID): A short animation that culminates with a channel’s name/logo. Used to brand a channel.

Animatic: A rough animated storyboard used to give some idea about the timing of a sequence.

Opening Title (Open, Leader, Intro, Intro sequence): The sequence that plays at the beginning of a show to open the show.

Billboard  A commercial right after a show or promo. For example, “This program was made possible by “brandname”. Preferably with the same design treatment as the program before it.

Classification (Netherlands = NICAM, Ratings bug): Graphic before a program designed to inform viewer of age suitability for that program. Can also be a bug.

Bug  A small graphic that appears in the corner of the screen, used to identify a channel, show etc.

Transition (Swipe) A short animation that acts as a transition between segments of a show. It has a logo or is designed according to the content.

Slate  A graphic placed at the beginning of sequence used to display information about the sequence, for example Duration, Format, etc.

Over The Shoulder (OTS)  The graphic that sits over a news anchors’s shoulder.

Assignment 1


Example one

Norman Mclaren – Dots (1940)


Steffen Bygebjerg – End Scene (2009)

When you showed us the clip from Mclaren in class, I immediately thought of this music video animated by Bygebjerg. The similarities are pretty easy to spot. 1, the simplicity of the objects that are animated. Both of them use basic shapes, that morph into other basic shapes. 2, the grain. For Mclaren this was not a choice seeing as this was made in the 40’s when computer techniques were limited, but Bygebjerg deliberately chose to make his animation grainy. The process behind it is pretty cool, labor intensive, but cool. He basically animated it in Afx (clean), printed it out (frame by frame), then scanned it back in and rearranged the frames, no extra effects added. And then 3, the sounds. Even though the newer animation is for a music video, there are still those clicks that run all the way through the song, I don;’t know if he actually was referring to the other video, or if it’s just a coincidence, but it really does work with the fast, jerky movements of the objects.


Example two

Gerald Scarfe – Pink floyd (what shall we do now?)(1975)

Masanobu Hiraoka – Land (2014)


Ok so here the similarities are not that apparent, but there is one that has made it’s way through the ages. The morphing of shapes into each other, to create something new. With all of pink floyd’s animations the viewer is put into a surreal world where there are all of these weird things happening, mostly dark, ok always dark. With the second video, the viewer is also transported to a surreal world, but here it is much more peaceful. There is a little hint of sexual shapes in Land,  but not nearly as much as in Pink Floyd’s video, that’s basically floral porn. Anyway, cool to see how animation has changed over the years, and how techniques have evolved.

Lekker slaap.











moody boards

collections of possible styles i might go into…

First possibility:

  • pastel colors
  • geometric shapes
  • mix of organic and synthetic objects
  • This style will allow me to work with pretty random objects, which could be a fun experiment.
  • the softer colors is also nice, could be cool to juxtapose it with some glitchy/anxious animations

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Second possibility:

  • simplified design
  • 2 maybe 3 colors(mainly black and white)
  • bit more of a rock feel
  • i really like the Kaleo poster. the color palette and graininess of it is sick, also the simplified shapes and shadows could be fun to animate with.
  • the example with the illustrated face on is also very appealing to me. looks lie tattoo art. Bitch to draw though…

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Third possibility:

  • retro feel
  • specific color selections
  • simplified design.
  • I like how the tame impala poster has a landscape within the silhouette of the face. almost like there’s a bigger story behind it.
  • The GIF of the flames is cool because of it’s quirkiness.

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