moody boards

collections of possible styles i might go into…

First possibility:

  • pastel colors
  • geometric shapes
  • mix of organic and synthetic objects
  • This style will allow me to work with pretty random objects, which could be a fun experiment.
  • the softer colors is also nice, could be cool to juxtapose it with some glitchy/anxious animations

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Second possibility:

  • simplified design
  • 2 maybe 3 colors(mainly black and white)
  • bit more of a rock feel
  • i really like the Kaleo poster. the color palette and graininess of it is sick, also the simplified shapes and shadows could be fun to animate with.
  • the example with the illustrated face on is also very appealing to me. looks lie tattoo art. Bitch to draw though…

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Third possibility:

  • retro feel
  • specific color selections
  • simplified design.
  • I like how the tame impala poster has a landscape within the silhouette of the face. almost like there’s a bigger story behind it.
  • The GIF of the flames is cool because of it’s quirkiness.

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