Logo Design

The name I have decided to go for is Forte. In musical terms this marks a  passage that is to be preformed loudly. It also means “a thing at which someone excels”. I found this quite fitting for a music channel.

Here are my first scamps for the logo, very basic, but i like them.



I’m not sure whether or not to go with the Icon, or the type oriented logo. On the one hand the circular icon makes for a strong visual, and on the other, the type driven logo focuses on the name of the channel.

Here are some experiments with the circular one:

(this one is getting somewhere, but it reminds me too much of the Osiris logo.)


(with these I tried layering the logo over itself and playing with the shadow it creates, I do not think it was successful. The drop shadow is not recognizable enough.)



I will keep updating this post with further developments on the logo design.


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