Sticking with the idea of how music influences the people that listens to it. I was thinking of telling a story of one guy that discovers music and slowly becomes engulfed by it, wrapped up in it.


“And at the center of the beast, was it’s still spinning heart. Heart of wonder, heart of stone.” – All Them Witches 

I really love this lyric, and it gave me an idea. It ties in to rock as a genre, because I feel that even though Rock was a colossus in it’s time, people don’t really listen to it like they used to. This ties in to the “beast” that lies dead on the ground. However, one cannot simply destroy the beast, and it’s “still spinning heart” represents the never ending awesomeness that is Rock music.

Photo 2017-03-12, 2 02 39 PM

So here comes the idea.

Grainy/spacey/surreal landscape with a mountain that might just look like the remains of a colossus in it. Amidst the monotonous grey landscape, in a cave, a man finds the only piece of color. A stone-like floating object. As he approaches it, it breaks apart and becomes a flowing cloth-like material that starts constricting him.

It keeps wrapping itself around him, either leaving a red scar/tattoo in it’s wake, or eventually completely surrounds him and swallows him/absorbs him.

Photo 2017-03-12, 9 23 43 PM

I think it could tell a cool story for the ident, showing how rock music is still around. Also for the bumpers and bugs, it could be cool to have the scarf as the main animating object. The flowing nature of it allows for quick and visually appealing movements, and then ultimately it transforms into the logo.

Rough scamps (I’m going to keep updating this post as I go along with the scamping process):











I edited the mountain, wasn’t too happy with the previous one.

The idea is that a boulder will break loose and fall to the ground, revealing the eye socket. I’ve also moved over to illustrator to simplify things, still need to do the ground surface.

I think this mountain looks more like a skull, which is what I’m going for.


Then I had an idea to make use of these quotes as transitions between different sketches. They will animate in and out making use of sketchlike cel animations. there are some rad tutorials, but i require Trapcode particular for them. Gonna see if i can download that now and get started on them.

The idea with the quotes is to add to the gritty attitude of rock music. By using these arbitrary one liners I almost want to tell a story. I was thinking that for the bumpers, I could use on or two quotes along with an image to convey a snippet of a story. They will be something along these lines (still need to decide whether or not I will make up my own lines, or use lyrics from songs.):

It came from the mountains, and tore through the sky like lightning.

Ten thousand souls in your right hand, Juggernaut child in a fragile land





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