Concept statement.

Rock n Roll is an ever changing genre, it has proven itself to be very adaptable to the times it finds itself in. Finding it’s roots in classic rock, Stoner Rock or Desert Rock, is one of the more underground genre’s. It’s distortion driven sounds and simplified riffs are somewhat of an acquired taste. Instead of making it’s ways to the major airwaves, Stoner Rock has developed a strong, underground following which consists of passionate musicians and devoted fans.

Forte is a music channel that has one purpose and that is to ensure the growth of the scene. This is accomplished by taking viewers on a journey deep into the heart of the noise and opening their minds to the awesomeness that is Stoner Rock!

The identity of this channel is inspired by the grittiness and simplicity of the music it portrays. Rough edges, bold colours, distorted sounds and strange illustrations emphasize the surrealistic and textured values of the music and the scene that follows.

Forte is living proof of the power of Rock music, personifying the ability of music to completely engulf your life.


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