Processing 1.2


For years there has been an agreement with the fish down below and the men up above. This agreement was broken when the greedy manfolk started taking fish from the water. This betrayal of trust has left the almighty Cthulhu, praise be to him, very displeased and he has tasked our hero to go to the surface and free the captured creatures, destroying as many fish traps as possible in the process.


The title is in the creation process. I want to flesh out the world a bit more, I feel this will give me an indication as to what font and style I need to use for the title.

HUD, UI & controls

Because the game is going to be played on an iPhone, I don’t want to take up too much space with the HUD. I think all that will be displayed is the health of the character ( if we’re doing that), and collectibles situated around it.



Controls will be very basic, left thumb will control movement, right thumb will control actions( jump & crouch/slide). These controllers will either be very opaque, or invisible.







tank/ guard


HP & Goal objects

HP. If this is referring to health point, which i’m pretty sure it is, I can incorporate this by creating simple bubbles or fish sprites for the hero to collect. maybe not fish, don’t wanna go the whole cannibalism route.

Goal objects would be the fish the hero needs to free and the traps he needs to break. If these goals change, it could quite simply become pearls he has to steal back from the manfolk.

Environment designs & Platforms

1st – bamboo docks (kak)


2nd – re-purposed metal structures



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