An update on the environments I’ve been busy with.

This is somewhat what i had n mind for the overall level design. This is still very rough and the scale isn’t right. this would basically sit in the middle ground, with element and collider bodies in front of it, and very rough landscape sketches for the background.


The Individual elements:


These are made so that they can tile and overlap each other very easily.

Here is a very cool reference image.


also, i like this for a background style


Here is a sketch of the overall map I have in mind:

I like the idea of having half of the map playing off indoors and the other half outside, also the map forces the player to move downwards in the beginning, and upwards in the second half. This will make for a balanced gameplay.

Photo 2017-06-02, 4 04 02 PM.jpg

only noticed now that i didn’t photograph the second half. but I was thinking of constructing it out of sections of a pier. these will be built on top of each other to create a very unstable looking pier. almost like something out of world of goo.

There is still a lot i need to do, but first i need to write an essay. I’ll try my best to do some drawing during the evenings.



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