I see that my pdf isn’t presenting my text for some reason. I will update it tomorrow when i get the file from the Mac at class. weird.****

So there it is… The proposal for my game. There is a lot that still needs to be created and also added into unity before I can call this a finished game.

So things to fix/do:

My title has to be adjusted, and elements from the game should be incorporated. I could make use of metal rivets and sheets within the type layout.

For landscapes, a lot has to happen; the backdrop needs to be created. I need to finish the first half of the map (inside of ship), and be cautious not to repeat myself too much. Also, I need to think about my second half of the map; will I repurpose my other elements, or make use of something different? only time will tell.

My Enemies need to move. I need to create some environmental obstacles, like spinning fans.

Lots to do. Lots that will be done.

Fuck yeah.


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